For a relatively small church we have a robust and focused outreach ministry and we are grateful to God for our ability to support veterans, children and families in need.

We support:

  • the Stroke of Patriotism which administers to the needs of disabled veterans in Moore County;
  • the Mathew 25:40 program that collaborates with the 21 Moore County schools to provide essential nutritional assistance to more than 1000 “at-risk” youths of the county;
  • and the Moore County Coalition which provides assistance to the needy families of Moore County. 

In addition, our Curate and Music Director has established his own musical outreach ministry, the Gaudete Ministries, ministering through music to the community, the country and to Japan.

Contact info

Email: marvmercer -@t- twc.com
Phone: (212) 232-3333


750 Fairway Drive, Southern Pines
At the intersection of Akins Road and Fairway Drive.


Christ Church Anglican
P.O. Box 605
Pinehurst, NC, 28370