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We believe in the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ and that the Bible is the inspired word of God. We regard its teachings to be the guide for Christian morality. We believe that the ancient creeds of the Church mean what they say and we take seriously the traditions and teachings of the Church established over 2,000 years. We regard marriage a sacred sacrament between a man and a woman. We center our worship on God, not man and we understand the relevance of the Gospel to today’s issues without being intentionally trendy.

Our liturgy and theology are expressed in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, and we use the 1940 Hymnal and the authorized versions of the Holy Scriptures (King James and Revised Standard Versions of the Bible).

We are one of nineteen parishes within the Diocese of the Holy Cross. The Diocese is affiliated with Forward in Faith, North America and is a member of the Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas, a vehicle for communication, fellowship and cooperation among the various Anglican jurisdictions which are working for unity with all faithful Anglicans in North America.

The Diocese and the parishes are united by commitments to creedal orthodoxy; to traditional Anglican worship, rooted in the historic Books of Common Prayer; to the three-fold Apostolic ministry of male bishops, priests, and deacons; and to traditional morality in issues affecting the sanctity of life and human sexuality.

While we seek closer relations with other ecclesial bodies with Anglican backgrounds, we differ from most of them in a firm belief that innovations since the mid-1970s such as modernist liturgies and the purported ordination of women to Holy Orders constitute unacceptable developments that remove Anglicans from the central tradition of the Undivided Church of the first millennium.

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750 Fairway Drive, Southern Pines
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Christ Church Anglican
750 Fairway Dr,
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